Natural wood paneling can add warmth, style and extravagance to any room. Whether the choice is V-Matched Tongue and Grooved or Wainscoting the complement of wood establishes a room’s character, making it an inviting place to spend time.

Tongue & Grooved Paneling is available in Eastern White Pine, more commonly know as knotty pine paneling and in the Northeastern hardwoods available to this region, such as Ash, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, and White Oak.





Pine T&G paneling is premium grade (meaning tight sound knots) and stocked in a standard ¾” thickness, in widths of 4”, 6” and 8” and lengths of 4’ – 16’, in even increments. The V-Match profile comes into play as boards are tongue and grooved together, forming a “V”.

Pine T&G (premium grade) is also available in 1-1/2” thickness, principally used in Post & Beam construction between floor levels. Widths are stocked in 6” and 8”, lengths varying from 8’ – 16’. One side of this profile is finished in a V-Match Tongue and Groove while the other shows a square edge flooring face. The duality of this profile provides a ceiling on one level and flooring on the second.

Hardwood V-Match T&G is ¾” thick in widths of 4”, 5” and 6”. Like our Hardwood Flooring, paneling comes is two grades, Common, with knots, or Clear, no knots. Visit our website Flooring Section to get a sense of the individuality of each hardwood species, grading characteristics, wood graining and coloring.