Mulching gardens, shrubs, and trees is a good routine to reduce landscape maintenance, keep plants healthy and conserve moisture. Our 100% naturally organic mulch, processed from natural bark, is double shredded to guarantee an even spreading consistency. Bark mulch adds nutrients to your soil while reducing time spent on weeding, watering and fighting pests.

Woodchips are also a 100% natural, organic product and an excellent mulch choice if you’re looking for a different aesthetic appeal in your garden. Woodchips resist compaction because they are course in texture and composition and weather to an attractive silvery-gray color. Chips are predominately used around trees and shrubs, garden and walking paths and play ground areas.

To gain maximum benefit from mulching, whether it’s shredded bark or woodchips, a depth of three to four inches should be maintained. Since we sell our mulch/woodchips by the yard at our retail facility, here is an easy formula to figure out how much to buy.

· Figure square footage of garden or mulch area; length x width

· Multiply square footage by the depth inches; 3 or 4

· Divide by 324, then round to the nearest yard